Built Different

Maximize your athletic performance with the same customized training and nutrition coaching that the world’s best athletes use.

The Ride

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Mind Body Burn

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Cardio & Dance

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Action sports

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Comprehensive assessment

Focusing on muscle imbalance, movement compensation, co-contraction, movement quality, and injury history.

Athlete profile created

A profile including your assesment information, unilateral power output score, mass specific force capability, and unilateral strength deficiencies is then created. 

Custom Program Design

We build you a program tailored specifically to your needs and goals. We offer programs for every athlete in every sport.

Get Faster, JUmp Higher

With our 4xWK programs athletes gain an average of 5” on their vertical and 2 mph in only 8 weeks.

Guaranteed Results

You will get faster, stronger, and stay healthier. We use data tracking software and science to build the best program for you.

Improve Self confidence

Program Design+Consistent Effort = Amazing Results
Get started and let us exceed your expectations.


Lil Stroformers

This program is for athletes ages 7-12 who are looking to get faster.  We focus on the technical aspects of speed development along with challenging the athletes neurological coordination.

What You Can Expect

Each session includes a variety of competitive drills and games that focus on:

-Reaction Time
-Core Strength

-Sprint Mechanics
-Competitive Drills
-Laser Timed Sprints

Success Stories

What our Athletes say

My son just got done with a 90 day structured workouts with Stroformance and the results have been incredible! He is a senior in high school and is going on to play D1 football. He has never experienced anything like this. In 90 days he’s gotten stronger faster and much quicker. Gained 15 lbs! Increased strength in every single lift. There is nobody out there that has a program like Stroformance. Dave and Carrie have done a great job with their program. Highly recommend them!  

Matt Hickman

Stroformance has given my boys priceless training!! We love the environment at the gym and all of the great coaches. My boys have reached goals with their athletics that we know came from their experience at STRO. We love how supportive Dave and Carrie are with all of their activities. My boys come back every season faster and STROnger!!

Melisa Downs

My sons have been working out at Stroformance for the last 7 years.  The level of training they have received is unmatched.  I have seen my boys not only grow in strength, speed and agility, but also in confidence and work ethic.  The environment is competitive but in a very positive way.  Stroformance has done an amazing job tailoring their workouts for the season they are in, while keeping them ready to go for the next season. STRO will take your child beyond what you thought they could do.

Jean Pay

My son has grown so much in the past 6 months, mentally & physically.  He increased his speed, agility, strength & confidence.  He looks forward to each training session to beat his own numbers.  Not only are all the trainers awesome but the owners themselves, Dave & Carrie are completely involved.  Making sure the kids are on track!

Terri Brown

Stroformance has been AMAZING for my son Cash!  The staff are all super kind, while pushing the athlete to improve and get results! Cash has improved his vertical in inches by double since beginning. The vibe and atmosphere is just so awesome! If you are an athlete looking to further your ability and gain a competitive edge in your sport, I would definitely recommend training at Stroformance!  

Stephanie Brown

My son loves this gym! The owners and trainers do a fabulous job of pushing him while also making him feel great about his effort and ability. He feels stronger and faster and more confident in himself every week. The culture at the gym is very inclusive and my son loves to work his hardest and get a hive five or a compliment from the trainers or the other athletes in class.

Beth Finlinson