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Personal training

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Why stroformance?

Our team is committed to giving every athlete, at every age and level, a great experience. We embrace science as we continue to innovate and integrate new methodologies. We're educated, creative, and certified. Programs are built for the athlete and results tracked using data and analytics software.

We are out of the box thinkers that constantly challenge the status quo. We are committed to giving you a great experience and results that exceed your expectations.

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Get insight into the club and learn what to expect

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1234 Ash Dr. San Jose, South
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4545 Washington Ave. Manchester,
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Taysom hill

Taysom trained for his NFL Pro Day with STROformance.

Coming off surgery to his elbow, the goal was for Taysom to show up, interview, and participate in limited testing.

Dave exceeded those expectations and not only had Taysom participate, but dominate, running a 4.44 40 yard dash and jumping a 38.5” vertical.

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Garret Bolles

"Dave’s program helped me become the 20th overall pick of the Denver Broncos. If your an athlete that wants to get bigger, faster, and stronger, than STROformance is the place."

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Zach Wilson

I can honestly say STROformance is the best training I’ve ever received. They work on every element of an athlete. You will see actual results. Seeing your numbers climbing and your speed increasing every week, motivates you to keep going. They do things that you just won’t find in any other program.  I’m so thankful for everything they’ve done for me in my career,  I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

-2021 Draft 2nd Overall Pick-
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Sione Takitaki

Appreciate everything you do for me Big Bro! Much ofa’s to the best in the biz!

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OUr Programs

Professional athlete in recovery

pro athletes

We take a holistic approach with our Pro's. Starting with the industries most comprehensive assessment, we build a program specific to your goals with the focus being strength, health, and longevity.

Get Stronger. Recover Faster. Compete Better

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Amateur Athletes

Each athlete is assessed and given a program with software that tracks their daily progress.

Our youth programs focus on improving speed, strength, and power. We provide a safe environment where an athlete is both challenged and motivated to be their best.

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Competitive adults

Are you working hard, but not seeing results? Would you like to feel your best as you compete at life? Are you looking for a program designed specifically for you?

We will design a program specific to your goals with software that tracks daily progress.

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Success Stories

What our Athletes say

Dave, Carrie and their staff do an exceptional job at not only providing a state of the art facility/equipment and training environment but instill in those training a “sheep dog” mentality of  being a leader.  They provide a safe environment by teaching correct form and technique for strength training.   Have seen my boys strength, speed and agility all increase dramatically! Great environment!  

Anthony Harward

Stroformance has completely changed the dynamic of our daughters’ physical athletic abilities. Both of our girls are stronger, faster, jumping higher, and have even more self confidence than ever before. What I loved about their system is the people. The experience for our children has been customized to our girl’s needs and has never felt cookie cutter. If you want see exponential results for your young athletes, go to Stroformance!

Lee Family

Our 2 teenagers have learned so much in a relatively short period of time and they love showing off their ripped muscles!The cupping and other therapies have been great, and the yoga classes have been good for their flexibility.Our daughter no longer needs her knee brace because her quads are stronger. Our son’s knees & hips are feeling better than ever. I blame Stroformance for their amazing shape.

Jessica Nelson

We love Stroformance! We have been taking our 4 kids there for a years now. Our kids go twice a week they range from ages 16 to 9 and they are always taken care of and pushed to new limits while they are there.  It is a positive environment that allows them to gain confidence not only at the gym but in everything they do.  Dave and Carrie are great people with the knowledge and equipment to get the best out of everyone.

Clay Denton

I’ve been working out with Dave since 8th grade. He is my secret weapon for speed, agility & strength & has really allowed me to get better than my competition. I’m now a D1 athlete & I still work out at Stroformance as much as I can. I’ve gained a ton of weight while continuing to get stronger, faster & improve my vertical. If you want to be your absolute best, work out at Stroformance. Best gym in Utah!

Canaan Yarro

Steps to Success



Whatever your goals? We have a program for you.



Set up an evaluation and get your custom program.



Start down your path to success. Get in touch today.

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Additional Services

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Our Services

$ 79.99 USD
STROfit and Girl Power classes ONLY

This membership is limited to STROfit and Girl Power classes ONLY. Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 A.M. NOT FOR YOUTH ATHLETES.

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Standard Semi-Annual
Standard Semi-Annual
$ 179.99 USD
3 classes per week

Limit 3 classes per week. Programs include STRO Elite, Velo Elite, Lil STROformers.

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Standard 3 Month
Standard 3 Month
$ 234.99 USD
3 classes per week

Limit 3 classes per week. Programs include Lil STROformers, STRO Elite, Velo Elite.

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VIEw ALL CLasses & Programs


At Stroformance, we offer a wide variety of recovery and rengeration services. These include Massage, Contrast Therapy, Normatec Recovery, Lightforce Cold Laser Therapy, PowerPlate Vibration, Cupping, Sonic Therapy, and Cold Plunge.

Get Stronger. Recover Faster.

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Physical Therapy

Our partner physical therapists take a holistic approach to rehab. Their blueprint has proven to get athletes stronger, recovering faster, and competing quicker than traditional rehab programs.

We offer personalized treatment plans and a state-of-the-art facility.

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Nutrition supplements


Fueling your body the right way will improve energy, recovery, and performance. We have partnered with Nurtishop for all your nutriiton needs. Ask us about our nutrition services, as well as the philosophy and scientific principles behind it.

Fuel Better. Perform Better.

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