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Success Stories

What our Athletes say

Our 2 teenagers have learned so much in a relatively short period of time and they love showing off their ripped muscles!The cupping and other therapies have been great, and the yoga classes have been good for their flexibility.Our daughter no longer needs her knee brace because her quads are stronger. Our son’s knees & hips are feeling better than ever. I blame Stroformance for their amazing shape.

Jessica Nelson

My son has grown so much in the past 6 months, mentally & physically.  He increased his speed, agility, strength & confidence.  He looks forward to each training session to beat his own numbers.  Not only are all the trainers awesome but the owners themselves, Dave & Carrie are completely involved.  Making sure the kids are on track!

Terri Brown

My sons have been working out at Stroformance for the last 7 years.  The level of training they have received is unmatched.  I have seen my boys not only grow in strength, speed and agility, but also in confidence and work ethic.  The environment is competitive but in a very positive way.  Stroformance has done an amazing job tailoring their workouts for the season they are in, while keeping them ready to go for the next season. STRO will take your child beyond what you thought they could do.

Jean Pay

The performance team at Stroformance were great to work with.  Over the last few years they have helped my son increase in his size, strength, and speed.  I believe that he is in the best possible shape he can be in right now as he enters the football season for his senior year.  We are really glad that we selected Stroformance to train our son.

Kevin Towle

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