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Maximize your earning potential with customized programming driven by data and backed by science.

The Ride

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Mind Body Burn

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Cardio & Dance

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Action sports

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3D Movement Screen

This assessment focuses on muscle imbalance, movement compensation, co-contraction, movement quality, and injury history. 

Custom Program Design

Using the latest technology and data driven software we track your daily progress. This allows us to consistently monitor your results and modify as needed.

Get Stronger. Recover faster.

We use state of the art equipment and technology to maximize gains and eliminate injuries. Health and longevity are a primary focus with each program we design.


Comprehensive assessment

Utilizing over 30 years of combined experience and the latest technology, we address the limiting factors in speed development. These are injury history, weak feet, co-contraction, poor ankle mobility, and the inability to absorb large amounts of force.

Assesment Includes

VALD 3D Movement Analysis 
VALD Force Plates
1080 Sprint 
ROM Testing
Muscle Imbalance Testing
Functional Movement Screening
NeuX Mapping


Longevity and health are our primary goals. We have all the resources, technology, and knowledge to get you performing at your best.

Recovery Services

Our athletes have access to these additional services:

Cold Laser Therapy
Contrast Therapy
Red Light Sauna
Normatec Boots
Power Plate Vibration
Sonic Therapy

Success Stories

What our Athletes say

I can honestly say STROformance is the best training I've ever received. They work on every element of an athlete. You will see actual results. Seeing your numbers climbing and your speed increasing every week, motivates you to keep going. They do things that you just won't find in any other program. I'm so thankful for everything they've done for me in my career. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Zach Wilson
2021 Draft 2nd Overall Pick

Dave's program helped me become the 20th overall pick of the Denver Broncos. If you're an athlete that wants to get bigger, faster, and stronger, then STROformance is the place.

Garret Bolles
-Denver Broncos-
First Round Draft Pick

I am the perfect example of what STRO can do. I was projected as a CFL or XFL player before coming to STRO for my Pro Day. I shocked everyone jumping a 38" vertical and running a  4.4 40, and dominated the drills. Not only was I invited to the Carolina Panthers training camp, but I made the 53 man roster. Wouldn't be where I am without Dave.

Derek Wright
-Carolina Panthers-

Beautiful gym. State of the art equipment. Stroformance has everything you need. It truly is a one stop shop. Trainers are amazing and very knowledge. No matter if you are just starting to become active or a professional this place can tailor program just for you. I see results everytime I come back for the offseason. STRO gets me right!

Pharaoh Brown
-New England Patriots-

STROformance is a great training facility. I love the speed workouts and attention to detail. Great staff and people.This place has everything you need to get to the next level.

Blake Freeland
-Indianapolis Colts-

There’s not another person in Utah that can do what Dave does!!! He’s one of the very best in the country if not the best! He trained and pushed me be to the best I could every single day! You’ll be able to perform at levels you wouldn’t think you had in you! You’ll find speed, strength, agility and mobility you never knew you had! All you need to do is bring the right attitude and Dave will do the rest!

Fahu Tahi
-6 yr NFL Veteran-

Thanks for all the personal attention and detail you put into my program. You always get me right!

Dax Milne
-Washington Commanders-

STRO, thanks for helping me get to this point. You guys are the best, second to none.I love the way my body feels after an offseason with you. You really helped prepare me for the NFL. Big sexy’s…train like a running back.

Brady Christensen
-Carolina Panthers-

There is no question that I would not have made it to this point in my career if it wasn’t for Dave and his training program.I would recommend STROformance to anyone that wants to get bigger, faster, stronger,and stay healthy doing it.

CJ Wilcox
First Round Draft Pick
-LA Clippers-